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Talent Inclusion Partner

Talent Inclusion Partner, LLC was founded with the focus of providing a more relationship-driven HR model for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and candidates.

We are here to partner with your organization to provide HR assistance to support your business goals and services.

7 reasons every business needs an HR partner

Strategic Management

Wages and Salaries

Analyzing Benefits

Safety and Risk Management

Maintaining Compliance

Recruitment and Onboarding

Hiring Processes

How We got Here

We all have a journey; some have a clear direction that leads them to a career they will retire from someday. For others, we take detours along the way for a variety of reasons. Human Resources, as a career, was a no brainer. We took the experience gained from working with fortune 500 companies, non-profit and launched my career as an HR Consultant and Job/Career search Mentor. Serving entrepreneurs by providing budget-conscious human services; that allows them to grow their business and profits so that they can have more impact. We are so grateful to listen to people describing what they are looking for in their next position.

We love working with individuals in career/job transition. Every time we step into a mentoring engagement, we honored to be part of the journey. Our passion is advocating for older adults wanting to stay or re-engage in the workforce on their terms; it’s sustainable for families and businesses. They want—and they deserve–RESPECT! In every consultant/mentoring engagement, we bring our sense of humor, business, and leadership experience.

Happy Clients​

When I became unemployed during COVID-19, Simone McNitt provided me with hope in the midst of a two-month solo quarantine. The first time I spoke to Simone, she suggested I make a career move which I had never considered. As a veteran journalist with over 20 years of newspaper experience, I was searching for a position to fuel my passion for writing. As we were brainstorming my next career move, Simone asked if I had ever considered grant writing. I had not. She then suggested I enroll in grant writing classes at Cleveland State University. I took her advice, and it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am now a certified grant writer thanks to the encouragement from Simone. It just goes to show how much one person who cares can impact another person’s life. Thanks to Simone’s motivation, my passion for writing has been renewed. I will forever be grateful for her help.
I highly recommend Simone McNitt and her company, Talent Inclusion Partner, LLC! I’ve worked with Simone for several years and she always exhibits the highest level of professionalism in her work. She takes the time to learn about her clients to find the best talent to meet their needs, always providing the highest level of service. Simone’s knowledge of the Northeast Ohio recruiting market is exceptional.

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