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Who We Are

Formed as an LLC, Talent Inclusion Partner considers itself to be a social mission in Human Resource and Ageism Advocate to positively impact the lives of those who work with us.

Our mission is to provide a relationship-driven partnership with other businesses, foster an environment that embodies the value of experience and knowledge over a person’s age. Our Goal is to serve and support individuals “senior works” in their goal to stay in the workforce and contribute their skills, experiences, and knowledge. We believe that there is nothing more socially responsible than passing on acquired knowledge.

Talent Inclusion Partner is committed to providing decency and equality while consistently seeking ways in which it can be a steward for fairness.



How you do one thing is how you do everything.

” Her leadership was respected amongst the staff and her guidance and direction was always accepted without question. Simone has the innate ability to speak to you – not at you or down to you – a trait that you can attribute to all successful leaders. I consider Simone’s morals and values to be without reproach. Simone lives her life by The Golden Rule and I believe it would be hard to find one person to contradict that statement. She gives everyone the respect that they deserve and expects that respect in return. I would welcome the chance to work with Simone again in the future.”

Kevin Schaack

Director of Human Resources and Risk Management at Stark Metropolitan Housing

As you can imagine, the search process can be anxiety producing as one tries to ensure that their next career move is the right one. Simone spent time getting to know me beyond the resume. This process was affirming in many ways especially because I felt that her goal was not simply to get me placed. It was much more than that. She honored the fact that I wanted a role that was in alignment with not just my skill set, but my values and personal and professional aspirations. I felt that she was one my side but at the same time advocated for her client. She is skilled in the art of finding the “sweet-spot.” I was very pleased with the process and her responsiveness and follow-up even after the placement was successful!

James Hailey

Director Of Finance And Human Resources (Chief Financial Officer) at Senior Transportation Connection (STC)

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